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Careers are like Avocados

The time changed on Sunday night, giving us an extra hour of sleep. Or an extra hour in 2020, which is the last thing that most of us want. Like many of you, this has been a challenging year, and I’m eager for it to be over. But who is to say that 2021 will

Ground Rules to Make Meetings More Productive

More than $37 billion US is spent each year on unproductive meetings. But aren’t meetings designed to be an efficient way for people to discuss ideas, debate issues, overcome obstacles and achieve goals? Then why is so much money being wasted? The answer is that meetings have become undisciplined. Instead of complaining about how unproductive

How 2020 Changed Work Forever!

I am sure that 2020 will go down as the worst year in our lives for most of us. Covid-19 put a wrench into everyone’s plan for the year. It changed the way we thought about our jobs, our families, and everything we did. Ultimately, it changed the way we will work forever. CTT: How

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